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State of Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety Grant Management System

Welcome to the State of Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety grant management system. Please choose from the list of options below:  

New Users/How to get started:

Because this is a new online management system, all users will need to register with the system.

As a new user:

• The initial registration must be completed by an Agency Administrator of your organization. Once they complete registration, they will receive email notification of access approval. Click the New User link above to register.
• Only one Agency Administrator per organization is required to sign on as a new user.
• Once the Agency Administrator receives access, the official can designate access to your organizational account to other staff members as they see appropriate.

This is the GOHS's grant management system. It is a system that requires authorization for access. If you have any questions or if you need assistance registering, please contact the eGOHS help desk at or 404.656.6996. Thank you.